Precious Essences


for your Projects


The new section created after the offices renovation is dedicated to architects and designers, both italians and foreigners, with whom we have been collaborating for a long time. Teams of world-renowned professionals and the best furniture manufacturers in Brianza are welcomed to the new showroom with samples and exhibits so that various projects can be evaluated from the embryonic stage.

Short business presentations can be booked at our switchboard: after an initial phone contact we will evaluate together the type of intervention needed in your practice. Appointments at our location, on the other hand, are more convenient due to the vast number of samples in the showroom and are also bookable by phone.

The boutique offerings

“The Boutique” by Legnomarket offers its customers the best qualities of common woods and a wide range of rarities that often stimulates the makers of the final product to go further and creating new trends.

By treating a natural product, one can often take advantage of the “surprise” effect: in fact, in some species each log is extremely different, and those who have to choose the product are faced with a continually new and exciting world.

quality and rarity

Of course, in this section, an ample space is given to all those products that thanks to their quality and rarity are considered truly precious: we are talking about burls, croatches, pomele, figured etc.


Upon request, we have our natural product smoked and dyed using the best partners who guarantee speed and quality in service.